Yoga for Stroke Victims

Yoga for Stroke Victims ‎

Today I wanted to share with you some interesting research that has come out of Roudebush Veterans Administration-Medical Center and Indiana University in Indianapolis and was published in the Journal: Stroke.

This study was done by researcher Arlene Schmid, PhD. The study found that starting yoga even long after a stroke may improve the BALANCE of stroke survivors.

“It’s an exciting thing,” says study researcher Arlene Schmid, PhD. “People can improve their balance years after a stroke. They can change their brain and change their body. They are not stuck with what they have.”

The study involved: 47 stroke survivors who’d had strokes more than six months ago. Seventy-five percent of them were male veterans, including veterans of World War II.They were divided into two groups. Ten received no therapy. The other 37 got a specialized version of yoga developed by a yoga therapist and the research team.

They practiced seated, standing, and floor-based exercises like the pigeon pose and the mountain pose over the eight-week study period. By the end, the yoga group showed significant improvement in BALANCE.
The yoga practice also boosted their confidence and reduced their fear of falling.

According to the study, nearly three-quarters of all stroke survivors suffer from falls. Such falls can break bones. They can also be fatal. In addition to physical harm, strokes can also contribute to depression. (link to this article on depression

One of the key components to the yoga we practice on Namaste Yoga LINK is balance. We practice many standing and kneeling balancing postures with varying levels of difficulty.

What is most exciting to me about this research is the malleability of both your brain and your body. Keep doing your yoga the research supports what we already experience and know to be true in our bodies and minds – that yoga keeps us feeling strong, balanced and confident!

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