What symptoms might remain after a TIA? – Dr Arvind Chandratheva

What symptoms might remain after a TIA? – Dr Arvind Chandratheva

In theory, no symptoms should remain after a TIA. TIA is a sudden onset, transient event. However, we know that once you’ve had something like this happen, one of the biggest
things I notice when I see patients after a transient event is that there’s a great deal of anxiety. A patient will have had a big hit to their system mentally as well as physically and there’s often mood changes, some anxiety and stress. We know that it is very normal that mood can be affected after strokes and possibly it’s affected after transient events as well. In some patients, particularly some older patients, it can affect their thinking and memory.

Strictly speaking, a TIA shouldn’t leave you with any symptoms, but I would say in practice that I’ve definitely seen patients with more anxiety, more problems in mood, with their thinking and processing and feeling tired afterwards. It’s important just to be aware of that and they tend to get better.

Dr Arvind Chandratheva is a consultant neurologist and clinical lead for the TIA service and hyper acute stroke unit at the UCLH National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square.

He offers private consultations and specialist private outpatient services at the Queen Square Private Consulting Rooms. For more information or to contact him to make an appointment, please refer to the details in his online profile at https://qsprivatehealthcare.com/consultants/dr-arvind-chandratheva/

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