What is a comprehensive stroke center?

What is a comprehensive stroke center?

Comprehensive Stroke Center is a stroke hospital within a hospital itself. When I say that, it basically means that a comprehensive stroke center has all the services which are needed to provide to quality care for stroke patients. Comprehensive Stroke Center integrates a multi disciplinary approach 24/7 in the care of stroke patients. Because of that, the stroke patients do not need to be transferred from a comprehensive stroke center to another facility. And if a comprehensive stroke center is nearby to their home, it is very reassuring for these patients that they will be taken care of close to home.

The goal of the Comprehensive Stroke Center is to get patients back to work they were doing before the stroke and get them better enough so they don’t feel that have had a stroke.

By engaging in research, a comprehensive stroke center is contributing to that understanding of stroke and how to treat it better in the future. We are part of the Strokenet, which is a federally funded network of stroke centers, engaging in clinical trials, which are focusing on acute stroke treatment, secondary stroke prevention, as well as stroke recovery and rehabilitation. By taking part in Strokenet, Spectrum Comprehensive Stroke Center is able to provide an opportunity for stroke patients to take part in clinical trials, focusing on stroke treatment options and advance in care.

I’ve been very passionate about taking stroke patients since the time of my training in neurology. I think through Comprehensive Stroke Center I’m able to provide high-quality care and better outcomes to my stroke patients and able to see them recover well, back to what they were doing before the stroke.

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