TIRR Memorial Hermann – Return to Work

TIRR Memorial Hermann – Return to Work


The Stroke Rehabilitation Center at TIRR Memorial Hermann is specially designed to maximize an outcome for patients who have suffered a stroke. The center is changing patients’ lives by helping them regain the skills and confidence they need to integrate into the community.

Employment services teach compensatory strategies and provide support to facilitate return to work. Services include pre-employment job trials, job-seeking assistance, job coaching and consultation with employers. Specialized services focus on community reentry skills critical for the transition to independent living, school, work or volunteer activities following a stroke. This outpatient treatment approach addresses the physical abilities, memory strategies, interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills needed for long-term success. The purpose of rehabilitation is to build strength, new skills and confidence to continue daily activities despite the effects of the stroke.

To learn more about stroke rehabilitation and see how you can participate in the acclaimed Stroke Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann, call 1.800.44.REHAB (73422) or contact us online. http://tirr.memorialhermann.org/contact-us/

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