TIA symptoms CVA or WHAT IS A STROKE brain heart and PARALYSIS meaning

TIA symptoms CVA or WHAT IS A STROKE brain heart and PARALYSIS meaning

TIA symptoms cva or what is a stroke what is a stroke in the brain are frequently asked question in past decades. This is also known as brain attack or paralysis attack. Paralysis meaning is same as brain attack as well as cerebrovascular insult disease. In this video cerebral ischemia and cerebral thrombosis are explained in brief as well as diagnosis and Tests, Treatment, Prevention and Risk Factors.Signs of stroke are also explained here. There are basically two types of stroke as ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. You will also get answer for what is a stroke in medical terms ? You will come to know how to prevent stroke and stroke diagnosis. This video is also helpful for the People who also search for stroke prevention, paralysis treatment and paralysis exercise. Paralysis symptoms and stroke (disease or medical condition) are explained as you may go through it. As brain blood supply stops chances of stroke increases, you may have a look at vascular anatomy of the brain for better clarification. You may feel the similar symptoms like heart attack.

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