The Stroke of Midnight

game follows one of the typical scenarios, when you join a writer in
their journey along some story. This time you play as a young woman who
is having troubles with being inspired for another book. Her husband
suggests her going to Western Europe for a change, which all sounds
weird – why would a man let her woman go to a totally creepy place

anyways that’s what’s going on. And the next thing you know is that
she comes to this abandoned castle. The game doesn’t even gives you any
hints how she ended up there, but… Soon she finds out some details
of the love story that happened in that place long ago. Then it gets
bigger – she sees ghosts replaying the events right in front of her.

is hard to say if you have more of the adventure parts or of the
hidden object ones. But the fans of searching for items won’t be
disappointed that’s for sure. Those parts are classic with a list of
items to find. But there is no classic hint system as we know it. The
hinting happens when you just click on an item on the list. It gets
shown by a sparky circle on the screen. And just like that without
recharging you know where the items are.

feels like we got into the high school of the hidden object levels, as
if it’s not about being hard on you with all the limitations, but it’s
just more about enjoying the process.  Anyways, that was nice. Then
you are going to do a lot of picking of different items and using them
in order to proceed.  The game supplies you with the hints in the words
of the main character as she shares her thoughts at the top of the

One of the nicest features is that you get into high-resolution, 360-degree environments allowing
you to view each location in its entirety – up, down, left and right.
That is sweet. Plus some small effects. The minigames are gently
interwined into the general gameplay. You most probably won’t be shocked
with the puzzles they offer, but they are fun to play.

graphics are gorgeous and beautiful with different animation portions
to make it more real. As to the music and sounds. The sounds are ok,
but the music is just not there sometimes. I’m not sure whyFree Articles, but that’s
the way it is.

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