The Four Main Phases of a Drug Rehabilitation Program


Actually there are millions of people across the world, who have somehow been addicted to some intoxicated stuffs like alcohol or drugs. All addictions are bad but all are not deadly. But addiction to drugs is the worst of all and it works like a slow poison in the body of a person leading him gradually to a deadly end. This is why drugs rehabilitation centres have made to help addicts get back to their normal life.These drug rehabilitation centres run various types of drug rehabilitation program to help addicted people come out of this mire out and out. If you have a look at such programs running in different states of America, you will find that they all are not alike. Different rehabilitation centres offer different drug rehabilitation programs, but all are said to be successful in some way or the other. So it can be said that means may be different but their aim is the same.  Actually difference lies in the implementation of the drug rehabilitation program not in the phases it includes. Basically a drug rehabilitation program consists of four main phases which are as follows:Initial Checkups of PatientsThe assessment of patients’ condition to have better approach toward them is the very first thing which you will find every drug rehabilitation program starts with. This preliminary assessment of patients involves certain tests which as part of medical investigation they have to undergo. These tests are very important because they help the concerned persons treating the patients to be well familiar with physical complications if they have any. Motivational InterventionThe intervention is also a very important part of drug rehabilitation program. But you may be thinking why it is required. Sometimes addicts who come to rehabilitation centre refuses to undergo the treatment and situation calls for some kind of intervention by the rehab authorities, which is basically a motivational approach and may require the involvement of their families as well.Detoxification ProcessPeople who are addicted to drugs have the accretion of toxins in the body over a period of time. So detoxification becomes indispensable and therefore every drug rehabilitation centre put their patients under this process.Aftercare ProgramA drug rehabilitation program is said to be incomplete without aftercare program. This helps patients get rid of the recurrence of urges completely. This program involves certain techniques, therapies, and changes in lifestyle.By putting patients through these steps of drug rehabilitation programs, most rehab centres have been successful in helping addicts get back to their normal life.

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