The Defiant Mind: Living Inside a Stroke, Interview with author Ron Smith, part 1

In this video, author Ron Smith speaks with Michael Maser about the book, The Defiant Mind: Living Inside a Stroke. Ron recounts his experiences of suffering a massive ischemic stroke, his recovery, and writing The Defiant Mind with one finger on his left hand. His is a hopeful message for stroke survivors and their families.

Part 2 of the video coming soon! Having some technical issues with the video format.

Praise for The Defiant Mind:

“Fascinating and powerful – a wonderful book about surviving a stroke.”
– Dr. Glen Tibbits, Head of Research, Heart & Stroke Foundation

“This much needed book fills a void in our literature.”
– Noreen Kamal, PhD, Alberta Stroke Services

“Not only does this memoir illuminate stroke at a personal level, but it also brings clarity to the essence of ‘health care'”
– Pam Aikman Ramsay, Provincial Director, Stroke Services BC

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