Swallowing and Communication after Stroke

Swallowing and Communication after Stroke

Learn how a stroke can affect skills such as swallowing, communicating and thinking and what you can do to help with recovery.

Recovery From Stroke
After a stroke, patients and their caregivers are often left with many questions related to recovery. This educational video series developed by health care experts, patients and caregivers is designed to support you in the recovery journey and provide practical advice you can refer to again and again.

Video Resources for Stroke Patients and their Caregivers
In this video series you will learn about how to manage risk factors, the physical and emotional changes that you might experience and how to take an active role in your recovery. These six modules can be watched in sequence or by individual topic.

These videos were developed by Sinai Health’s Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, a rehabilitation and complex continuing care hospital that has achieved Stroke Distinction three times, most recently in 2019. Stroke Distinction helps organizations improve and stand out as leaders in stroke care.

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