Strokes and the Brain

Strokes and the Brain

A person is not the same after a stroke. In many cases, a person’s motor skills, personality, and quality of life are negatively impacted because certain areas in the brain are damaged. What is happening in the brain during a stroke? Tune into this episode of Medicurio to learn how to detect, treat, and ultimately prevent strokes from happening to you.

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Did you know? It is estimated that 2 million neurons die every minute during a stroke, and the brain will age the equivalent of almost 4 years for every hour a person is left untreated. The medical community has a succinct phrase for this: “Time is Brain”. From


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    This is such great content. It’s not too long but thorough. It isn’t too simple but is understandable without having PhD in medicine. If I were a health teacher, I would love to share these with my class.

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    TierZoo brought me here as well, really like the idea and the execution. Keep up the good work! I once helped save an elderly man, who was having a stroke, as he was getting of the train and exposing himself to the bright sun, good thing it was another TIA(as the fast responding team from the ambulance mentioned), as he mentioned he has had those but we managed to save him due to the FAST diagnosing method.

  5. Seong Yun Song on January 12, 2021 at 10:23 pm

    Thanks for this inspiring video! However, I have a few question. In case of physical impact, how neurons die and/or precisely what mechanism exists behind that phenomena? Plus, could minor (physical) impact to the head or brain (such as shaking head when tired or due to dystonia, etc.) cause the neuronal death if it lasts long-term? I’ll wait for the answer.

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  7. Purple The K on January 12, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    I remember a time my older brother couldn’t move half of his face. I wonder if that was related to a stroke.
    High blood pressure? Check
    No exercise? Check
    Eating healtily? That’s not his strong suit..

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    What is the molecular component of emboli? Fatty acids?

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    I have randomly had these ‘attacks’ (2 in the past year) where at random I feel this AWFUL twisting pain in my stomach,then my ears start ringing so loudly that I can barley hear, then my eye sight is blacked out and I loose my balance.

    Is this a stroke??
    what is going on with me?

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    I viewed at least 10 channels on youtube – trying to understand neurons and how its working everything. And you my friend have best explanations. Im only dissapointed you dont have more videos.

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    Are the plaques in the arteries formed from saturated and insaturated fats alike. Or does the propertie of insaturated fats to remain liquid in the blood prevents them from forming part of the plaque?

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    I had a stroke in past 4 years, it makes my life so hard because i can’t use one side of my body but i’m recover now by eat clean and exercise. I hope everyone who have these symtom must watch!! Thankyou for making good videos! at the time I have a stroke, I can’t find video like these.

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