Shirt Folding One Handed – Stroke Survivor Gadget Review #6

Shirt Folding One Handed – Stroke Survivor Gadget Review #6

In this video, Paul shows the difference in folding a shirt one-handed and then using a shirt folding board to assist in the process. Watch what happens when he goes rogue and decides not to follow the instructions that came with the folding board.

Here’s the board we use if you want to try one:

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  1. Douglas Holman on February 12, 2021 at 8:31 pm

    LOL, I got a kick from watching you, keep up the good work! I too had a life-threatening stroke around 15yrs ago. I’ve discovered that there isn’t anything wrong with my closet, I am a little bit of an OCD when it comes to my laundry and I’ve just resolved to hang up everything but my drawers (underwear) and socks, that way everything is nice and neat! I’ve been working on my website and my YouTube channel again lately and I watch yours faithfully. It really does us a lot of good when we have someone we can observe and learn from. As I said, we should do a collaboration video someday, it would be a riot! Keep up the good work. Say hello to your wife!

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