RAW: The Living Food Diet Movie Part 2

RAW: The Living Food Diet Movie Part 2

Raw is the way to a better planet, NOW through compost and more Natural produce.
Moods are lifted and community enjoyed through growing an abundance of greens fruits and sprouts with modern and ancient technology.

Improving Body, Mind, Spirit & the Environment.
From a public borrow, this is posted with full credit to only the makers of the movie and you can check out freepointdvd.com to find this DVD


  1. Rawhealingfood on November 28, 2021 at 11:31 am

    One way to eat cheaper is getting more blended greens in so less of other food’s needed cuz of all the nutrients provided

  2. Dreamingrightnow on November 28, 2021 at 11:50 am

    10:42 We do need knowledge. The preceding distortions the speaker just listed were not knowledge, and that’s the problem; too much misinformation, not enough real information. We need to discern fact from opinion, and there’s a lot of opinion mixed in, even when someone is offering very good info along with it. This stuff is too often presented like religion, you’re expected to take the whole package. I appreciate Matt Monarch’s more recent videos in which he offers raw as his choice, but gives credit to cooked whole foods; concedes that if you aren’t healthy, add healthy foods and focus on that instead of what you should stop eating. I think he does this knowing that in all likelihood, a person will, in time, naturally drop habits as they become more sensitized to signals from their bodies. Also, Matt (and there are others, he’s the one coming to mind right now) talks about problems with digestion and certain deficiencies that can occur, and do commonly, in 100% raw. Nothing is a panacea and shouldn’t be presented that way.

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