Positive Outlook for Child Who Suffered a Stroke in Utero

Jordan Marshall suffered a massive stroke in utero, which means she had a stroke before she was even born. The damage was so extensive that doctors didn’t know whether she would ever walk, talk or see.

Now 8 years old, Jordan has made incredible progress. She participates fully in school and excels academically. Despite some physical challenges, Jordan rides a bike, runs, skis and climbs.

“We really feel so fortunate to live in a place where we have access to the quality of care at Boulder Community Hospital and the Mapleton Center,” says Kathryn Marshall, Jordan’s mother. “We feel like we are getting top-notch treatment and that has been a big part of why Jordan is doing so well today.”

Watch Jordan’s video and learn about her progress through the help of BCH’s rehabilitation services for children.

For more information about this service, visit http://www.bch.org/rehabilitation-services/rehabilitation-services-for-children.aspx

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