Phoenix Arizona Real Estate – Steve Penate Real Estate VLOG #1

Phoenix Arizona Real Estate – Steve Penate Real Estate VLOG #1

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Recently vlogged one of my days. A day in the life of….

A personal highlight of mine is minute 4:20 when I talk about a recent video I did and lenders began to talk about qualifying people for home loans with a 500 credit score…you heard correctly…500!!!

I share my personal thoughts about this…Would love you hear yours in the comment section below!

05 sec – Starting day at Office
30 sec – Speaking at an elementary school to 7th Graders
Min 1:15 – Checking out Phoenix Start Up Week for entrepreneurs
Min 1:45 – meet up/Interview with Skyler Irvine
Min 3:30 – Tribute to MLK
Min 4:20 – Lenders qualifying people with 500 credit scores???
Min 6:10 – Contract Negotiations get intense

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