Paula Smejka’s passion for volunteering and stroke awareness

Paula Smejka got involved in volunteering for the Stroke Association after her husband had suffered a life changing stroke in his 50’s. After seeing firsthand the impact that stroke had had on John and her family, Paula was keen to get involved in raising awareness of stroke and getting involved in projects to make things better in the world of stroke. Watch this short film to see how Paula got involved in volunteering around her other commitments and how this passion will help future generations be aware of the symptoms of stroke through the FAST campaign.This film was shown in the ‘Share and Inspire’ area at the UK Stroke Assembly held on 9-10 June 2015. An event aimed at people affected by stroke and encouraging them to move forward in their journey of life after stroke and taking action on stroke. For more information about the UK Stroke Assembly go to or how to get involved in volunteering for the Stroke Association go to

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