Miraculous Stroke Recovery – Janet Chubb's Experience at Renown ER

Miraculous Stroke Recovery – Janet Chubb's Experience at Renown ER

Reno resident, Janet Chubb, considers herself lucky she was rushed to Renown when her morning went suddenly wrong.
Chubb got up and got ready to go to work like a lot of other days, but everything changed when she dropped her keys and glasses.
“I bent down to get them and sat down on the floor for some reason. Then I didn’t have any strength to get up. I could not move,” says Renown Institute for Heart & Vascular Health Patient, Janet Chubb. Fortunately, Chubb’s phone was near her, so she called her neighbor, a flight attendant, who recognized the signs of a stroke from her slurred speech, and immediately called 911.
Chubb says REMSA paramedics got there right away and took her to Renown Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Services.
Her blood clot was removed within two hours of the 911 call.
“When we activate the Code Stroke. That means that we are waiting for the patient. As soon as the patient comes to the ER, we take the patient to the CT scan. Everything happens in a very, very urgent manner, because every minute we lose, millions of neurons die,” says Renown Radiologist, Rajesh Rangaswamy, MD. Rangaswamy removed the blood clot in Chubb’s brain using a stent retriever that works by putting a catheter in the blood vessel and then putting in the stent device that captures the clot and pulls it from the blood vessel.
Renown Health is the only hospital in the area that can do the mechanical thrombectomy because it has the latest technology; a biplane machine and CT scan that shows different views of the brain and works very fast. Recently Renown added state-of-the-art CT profusion software. “The amazing thing is you can do this thing in seconds. The study will show us how much brain is already dead, how much brain is still viable and which is not getting blood supply. So it will tell us exactly what to do with the patient,” says Rangaswamy.
Chubb says she expects to fully recover. “I’m really so lucky. I got really good treatment, really efficient treatment. And when you have a heart attack or a stroke at Renown’s ER, you are first on the list. You are rushed in and taken care of. I attribute my fairly miraculous recovery to instant attention,” says Chubb.
Just to be safe when she is alone, Chubb wears a medical alert system that provides 24/7 emergency help.
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