May is National Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Someone in the UK has a stroke every three and a half minutes, that’s approximately 152,000 every year.

The majority affected are over 65 years, however, anyone can suffer a stroke, including children and babies. There are 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK today.

Awareness of the cause and symptoms of Stroke assists with prompt action where someone is suspected of having a stroke. This prompt action offers the casualty the best chance of receiving the treatment to minimise long term impact of the condition.

Trained as a first aider? Then you may know the symptoms of Stroke. To an untrained eye recognising the signs and symptoms of Stroke can be a challenge.

Want to know more? Other than getting trained in first aid (as we all know it’s not possible in the current climate), an alternative solution is online training.

Online training is flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. This awareness course covers the types of strokes, symptoms, risk factors, treatment options, and the longer-term impact of Stroke.

Interested? Further course details are available via our site:

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