Liposuction: Recovery and Afterward


For many, liposuction gives them a way to remove those last few stubborn
pounds and bulges of fat after weight loss and fitness endeavors. If
you are considering this plastic surgery option, make sure you
understand what to expect after the procedure as your body recovers.
Preparing properly for the recovery period will help your procedure to
go well.

On the Way Home
Prepare your car for your trip home by laying towels or sheets across
the seat. You may have some blood or leaking fluids after your
procedure, and you do not want to stain your seats. Some patients feel a
little nauseous after liposuction because of the anesthetic used during
the procedure. Bring a bottle of water and some low sodium crackers to
help prevent nausea. Pack a pair of sunglasses in case your eyes are
more sensitive to the light after the anesthesia. You will need someone
to drive you home, so enlist the help of a trusted friend or family

Recovering at Home
Many patients are surprised by the swelling and bruising they experience
after liposuction. To minimize these problems, follow your doctor’s
orders precisely, but remember that swelling and bruising will fade with
time. The more you allow yourself to rest, the quicker you will heal.
The areas that were treated will feel tender and stiff, but you can use
pain medication if the discomfort becomes too much. Your doctor will
likely recommend that you walk around your home several times a day as
soon as you feel able to limit the possibility of blood clots or
swelling. To help your body heal faster, drink plenty of water and limit
your sodium intake. These two actions will prevent the body from
retaining too much water and increasing swelling problems.

Scarring from liposuction is relatively minimal. To aid your scars in
healing as inconspicuously as possible, rub them with Vitamin E. Keep in
mind that scars fade with time, so do not worry too much about them
soon after your procedure.

The Finished Results
Because your body is going to heal at its own rate, do not judge the
results of your liposuction too early. Some patients will notice that
the body appears asymmetrical after their procedures. This is usually
due to one side of the body healing faster than the other, and it is not
a reason to panic. Over time, usually after three months, swelling will
subside universally, and you will see the finished results of your

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