Keeping Your Smarts After a Stroke

Keeping Your Smarts After a Stroke

Studies show 50 percent of people who suffer a stroke develop memory loss. There are some tips and tricks doctors say will help patients regain their memory.

Dr. Michael Shain, a neuropsychologist with Lee Health, says short term memory problems are common after a stroke. “That’s the ability for us to be able to learn and remember recent information. Typically long term memory is not affected after a stroke.”

Memory loss occurs as a result of nerve cells in the brain. While some memory problems improve on their own there are things patients can do to help the process. “After a stroke we want to especially encourage people to be using organization, improving the way that they keep track of things, using calendars, notebooks, and so forth,” said Dr. Shain.

It’s important for patients to really pay attention to things, especially if they are multitasking. For instance, as you do things say them out loud. “After a stroke if you don’t repeat the information more than once it makes it difficult to retain the information,” said Dr. Shain.

It’s also a good idea to write things down so you don’t forget. “I think what’s really important is patients who are recovering from a stroke learn to be patient with the process of getting better,” said Dr. Shain.

After a stroke diet and lifestyle changes are also important. “Physical activity helps the brain, helps with memory functioning. There’s a lot of lifestyle issues that are related to good memory function which applies after a stroke,” said Dr. Shain.

Good nutrition and good sleep habits will also help patients improve their memory.

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  1. Evan Evans on October 28, 2019 at 8:06 am

    This was published on Oct 23rd of 2016 and my Mom had a stroke last month on Oct 23rd.

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