It could be a stroke – Act FAST

It could be a stroke – Act FAST

Strokes happen suddenly and have an immediate effect on the body. For the brain to function, it needs a constant supply of blood to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells. A stroke occurs when this supply is impaired or cut off.

Fast and specialized medical intervention is the key to successful treatment for stroke patients. Time is brain, meaning the faster treatment can be given following a stroke, the better the chance of recovery. To ensure stroke patients are treated quickly, it is vital that people know the signs and symptoms of stroke so they can identify the issue and immediately call 999 for help.

Suspect a stroke? Act F.A.S.T.
This simple test can help you recognize the signs of a stroke and highlights the need to act quickly:
F – Face drooping: Has your face suddenly drooped on one side or do you have difficulty smiling?
A – Arm weakness: Are you unable to raise both arms?
S – Speech problems: Do you have difficulty speaking or being understood by other people?
T – Time is ticking: Call 999 immediately
Stroke prevention

A stroke can happen to anyone, at any time. Being aware of the risk factors and making healthy lifestyle choices will significantly reduce your chances of having a stroke.

Factors that increase your risk:
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Smoking (including Shisha)
Not taking medication as prescribed
Lifestyle choices that reduce your risk:

Regular exercise
Healthy diet
Regular health checks
Know the risk factors and make the right choices to prevent stroke.


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    A new technology for stroke prevention in high risk patients:

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    FAST – Face, Arm, Speech and Time ; This was the question I received from the Interview board of HMC when they hire me. Alhamdulillah I could perform well and now I’m on the recruitment process to join with you. Wish the HMC to grow much more and to reach at the best level health care facility in the world for promoting the healthy lifestyle.

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    Thanks. Early identification and management of stroke is key – 1.9 million neurons lost for every minute lost!!!

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