Is this Maya's LAST Surgery? 🤕

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes over the years with Maya’s ongoing tear duct issues and many procedures to correct the issue. Today, she goes in to see the doctor once more to have the stent removed from her tear duct which was in place to help heal a newly formed opening to allow for proper tear drainage. This has been such a battle since she was just a toddler but hopefully the problem is permanently solved now!

Thanks for tuning in everyone! We are Jason, Lucy, Addy, Maya and Baby “O” and we are the family behind the kid’s YouTube channel Tic Tac Toy. Be sure to subscribe to this family vlog channel to follow along with us and all of our silly adventures and behind the scenes goofiness!

Music Credits:
My Own Heaven – Adrian Walther
Give It Away – HATCH
Covenant – Kevin Graham
Take Flight – Mike Arnoult
Here And There – Evermore
Let’s Be Kids Again – The High Jynks
Better Days – Finn’s Fandango

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