Importance of Stroke Partner / Spouse / Caregiver Self Care Part 3 – Support Resources

Importance of Stroke Partner / Spouse / Caregiver Self Care Part 3 – Support Resources

As the majority of stroke survivors will eventually return home. We the stroke survivors, must depend on our spouses, partners, and family members or close friends to take on the role of care giver.

Seventy six percent of caregivers report the first few months after returning home are the most stressful. Predictors of poor stroke-related care-giving outcomes were emotional distress, low benefit appraisal, high task difficulty, and high threat appraisal. Findings suggest potential areas for multidimensional caregiver interventions.

Here is a list of various support groups.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes – After Stroke

Heart and Stroke Canada Care partner support

Heart and Stroke Canada Social and peer support

Community Resource Guide for Stroke Survivors and Caregivers. (Ontario Specific)

North Western Ontario Regional Stroke Network – Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Resources

American Stroke Association For Family Caregivers
American Stroke Association Support Group Leader Resources

United Kingdom
The Stroke Association Support in your area
Different Strokes – Support Group

Find A Support Group

Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland
Community Stroke Services
Stroke support groups in your local area

Stroke support groups in your local area

New Zealand
Stroke Foundation – New Zealand
Stroke Clubs

Stroke Foundation – Australia
Support programs
Local stroke support groups and choirs

World Wide Resources
World Stroke Organization

Stroke Support Organizations

If you notice the signs and symptoms of a stroke in your or someone around you

Balance / Co-ordination / Confusion
Eye and Vision Problems
Facial Droop
Slurred Speech
Inappropriate Word Usage for situation or context
Inability to stand
General Weakness or Weakness to one Body Side
Inability to properly and evenly Smile

Please Immediately place that person in a position of comfort and Dial 911

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