If You Drink You Risk Getting A Stroke


A recent, preliminary study suggests that the risk of a person having a stroke increases for one hour after consumption. It was also noted that if you are a moderate drinker, your risk of heart attack and stroke may actually decrease.After one serving or alcohol, the risk of ischemic stroke may increase in the following two hours. This study was conducted by Elizabeth Mostofsky at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston. It was also noted that the association of the elevated risk would require a long term study. The results of this study also suggested that there is an acute risk of ischemic attack but the risk may be offset by the previously studied beneficial effects of moderate drinking.The study was conducted with 390 patients participating in the study. The interviews took place about three days after the stroke. Fourteen of the 390 patients had consumed alcohol during the hour before the stroke. The conclusion that was reached was that the risk of stroke within the initial hour after drinking increases your risk by 2.3 times. It also states that it did not matter if it was beer, wine or hard liquor.The risk was 1.6 times in the second hour and a decreased risk after twenty-four hours. That pattern was also unchanged regardless of the type of alcohol the patient had consumed. It also concluded that a history of exercise made no difference in the risks. One of the patients had consumed more than two drinks and therefore his results were excluded. The pattern for the remainder of the patients remained within the statistical evidence.There have also been studies that indicate that men who consumed two alcoholic beverages per day and women who consumed not more than one were at a decreased risk of stroke. Women who are pregnant should abstain completely. The majority of conclusive evidence is that light to moderate consumption will cause a reduction in stroke risk. It has also been concluded that heavy drinking will increase the risk.What the newer research has indicated is the risk may possibly be transiently increased during the first hour. The results of this new study does not necessarily mean the moderate drinking should stop. It is all weights and balances with the potential risk of stroke decreasing with long term moderation. It has also been said that many more larger studies need to be conducted before any conclusions can be verified.This study, as with most must be taken in context. When you read half of it, it may seem that even minimal consumption will cause stroke and this is not the case at all. In reality, there have been extensive studies indicating the moderate consumption will decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke. Those studies have been published by the American Heart Association.It is always wise to read the first study and then to continue to read the following studies before making any drastic changes in your lifestyle.

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