How to Increase Your Awareness Around You with Mind Power


An owner of a small business company so wrapped around on his own problems of his business operations which prevented him from broadening his outlook and personality.  He shut out his everything including his wife, his family and his friends.  The company grew and he became successful but he died a lonely and broken man.Do you want to avoid this pitfall or you want to have it all. This is very much possible to have happiness together with success, wealth and health, but it requires sincere application starting with yourself development.  This tool is called relaxed awareness.  Once you are able to build and achieve your relaxed awareness, the rewards are great.The mind has two aspects : the conscious part which always reasoning and the subconscious part which has an accumulation of wisdom of ages.  With relaxed awareness,  you can grow increasing confidence to cope up with life as you learn to assign your problems to your RIGHT brain for solution. Your conscious mind, the LEFT brain is routine and deductive which immediately rejects the query on an unfamiliar question which then make you to become anxious and frustrated.  That is why the LEFT brain is the wrong machine to use.Your RIGHT brain is your subconscious mind which will always locate the missing data for the solution to any problem knowing that your reasoning mind cannot arrive at the answer.Now you can turn your problem to your subconscious mind and trust your innerself to deliver the answer at the RIGHT TIME.  You will not allow anxiety to rob you of your peace of mind. You now can enjoy time with your family and friends and get a better solution to the problem as well.How do you constantly get into a state of relaxed awareness?  You must constantly allow your brain waves to oscillate at alpha level.  At alpha level, the chattering mind in kept in abeyance and allow your RIGHT brain to bring your answers.  Keep on polishing your RIGHT brain of yours and you will know whether the gut feelings is talking or your EGO which often brings you the wrong answers.  How to polish your RIGHT brain.  Apart from the many simple steps which can be done without really much trying, here are some great tips on how to polish up your right brain immediately.  Listen to music.  Allow your mind to settle along with the music waves. Once your right and the left brain is balance, your right brain becomes very powerful.  Meditative slow music increases the speed of the balance between the right and left brain.Get out your routine nature.  At your leisure, you ought to do things differently.  This is an exposure to improve your flexibility, adapt and accept changes quickly.  Being able to do that is a great way to cut down your panic and anxiety attack.Color up your life.  Color holds and improves your memory to at least 78%.  Why is this a great help?  You can easily recall details when they are in colored with can be a great aid in problem solving.Movement.  Rigid posture decreases flexibility as your body refuse to go beyond certain limit set by yourself.   With improvement movement, you can test, stretch and achieve new limits for yourself.  There will never be the word “IMPOSSIBLE” in your dictionary once you tested and achieve new limits.  Roger Bannister, the first man who ran a mile under 4 minutes when most people told him that it was impossible.  Now, it is your time to stretch out without really trying, meanwhile enjoying your life doing it. How fun can that be.

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