How Orthotics Can Help Rehabilitate Stroke Patients

What’s different about our approach to treating stroke patients?
A wide variety of upper and lower limb orthotic devices are used successfully by people encountering the physical effects of stroke. These can be used during rehabilitation in the year or more, following the stroke in conjunction with physiotherapy in the post-rehabilitation period. Orthotics are used to help support one part of the lower limb while strength and movement is returning to the muscles near them.

Ultimately our goal is to optimise a patient’s gait so that it looks as normal as possible. More and more we are using a the Neuro Swing ankle foot orthosis to do this. It’s designed with an ankle joint that allows the patient some freedom of movement and it can be fine-tuned incredibly accurately in our gait lab. More traditional AFOs have the drawback of blocking good movement along with the bad.

You can find our more about our approach to treating stroke patients here:

Or about the neuro swing system ankle joint orthosis:

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