Hidden heart problem: An Ohio State patient's story

Hidden heart problem: An Ohio State patient's story

Quovardis went to see her primary care physician, who initially told her to start dieting and exercising, and was prescribed anxiety medication for stress.

Quovardis took her doctor’s advice, but she was so out of breath and fatigued that she struggled to complete even five minutes on the treadmill. When the medication didn’t help at all, Quovardis and her doctor began a long, extensive round of testing to pinpoint the source of her disabling symptoms.

When multiple tests failed to uncover the source of her problem, and her health continued to decline, she met with Dr. Laxmi Mehta at the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Clinic. Dr. Mehta decided to target the atypical features of Quovardis’s symptoms, not getting distracted by the obvious risk factors such as excessive weight or anxiety. What she found was a hidden health problem that was destroying Quovardis’s heart.

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