Heart Transplant Virtual Symposium 2020 | Stanford Health Care

Heart Transplant Virtual Symposium 2020 | Stanford Health Care

The annual Stanford Health Care Heart Transplant Symposium brings together heart transplant recipients and caregivers for an evening of education and celebration. In 2020, the event went virtual amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

– [1:33] Welcome from the Patient and Family Advisory Council | Susan Roberts
– [6:24] Transplant in a Time of COVID-19 | Dr. Jeff Teuteberg
– [27:28] Greetings! | Dr. Eldrin Lewis
– [32:43] COVID-19 Treatments, Vaccines, and Impacts on Heart Transplant Recipients | Dr. Aruna Subramanian
– [45:17] Heart Healthy Eating During the Pandemic | Leanna Tu
– [58:08] The Squeaky Wheel: My Patient Journey | Alice Georgitso

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Jeffrey Teuteberg, MD
Cardiologist, Heart Failure Specialist
Section Chief of Heart Failure, Cardiac Transplantation, and Mechanical Circulatory Support

Eldrin F. Lewis, MD, MPH
Cardiologist, Heart Failure Specialist
Division Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine

Aruna Subramanian, MD
Infectious Disease Doctor
Clinical Professor, Medicine – Infectious Diseases

Heart Transplant Program

Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

Patient & Family Advisory Council: Heart Transplant

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