Heart Healthy Diet

Heart Healthy Diet

Buzz Carocci knows food. He also knows all the right things when it comes to a heart healthy diet.

“You probably shouldn’t smoke, you probably shouldn’t drink and you should probably eat healthy foods, I mean low fat especially because you don’t want your arteries to clog.”

But like many Americans, what he says and what he does are miles apart.

“I’ll give you the truth. I smoke I drink and my favorite meal is pizza and wings,” says Carocci.

Marjorie Chutkin helps craft heart healthy food plans.

“I get a lot of patients who come in for heart for a cardiac diet because they may have high cholesterol high triglycerides or they may have had a cardiac even,” says Chutkin, a clinical dietician with Lee Memorial Health System.

Here are things to look for:

“A cardiac diet is one that’s restricted in fat and high in fiber, which includes your whole grains your fruits and vegetables your dried beans and nuts,” says Chutkin.

A misconception is that red meat doesn’t make the cut in a good cardiac diet. Not true. It’s actually the cut of meat that makes the difference.

“You need to choose lean cuts of red meats and generally I tell my patients to look for the word loin, round, chop so sirloin top round bottom round those are lean cuts of meat,” says Chutkin.

And when you eat out, remember this:

“When you order your meals try to order foods that say baked, grilled, roasted stay away from the sauces,” says Chutkin.

Limit your food portions and add a side of exercises and you’ve got the recipe for success.

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