Healthy Lifestyle Video

Healthy Lifestyle Video

00:48 Hello and welcome to Health for a Lifetime.
00:51 Today we are happy to have Dr. Clarence Ing with us
00:55 from Weimar Institute.
00:56 Dr. Ing is an ophthalmologist as well as someone who specializes
01:01 in preventive medicine.
01:02 Welcome!
01:03 – It’s a pleasure to be here with you, Don.
01:07 – Tell me a little bit about preventive medicine.
01:10 What does that mean?
01:12 – Well it’s interesting, most people when they think of
01:15 preventive medicine they think of coming to see somebody that
01:18 takes care of preventive medicine they say,
01:19 “I really don’t want to come see you, because if I come see
01:22 you, you know what’s going to happen?
01:24 I’m not going to have any more fun. ”
01:26 They say preventive medicine is taking all the fun out of life.
01:29 But I’ve realized, really truly, the goal of preventive medicine
01:33 is to give you more life to enjoy the fun.
01:35 – So you’re not trying to prevent things that are
01:37 good for us, you’re just trying to help us prevent things that
01:41 are harmful for us.
01:42 – Absolutely
01:43 – Well, what would make you different than someone else?
01:45 Are there other people that specialize in
01:47 preventive medicine?
01:48 What’s your special nitch?
01:49 Why would the viewers today be interested in
01:52 what you have to say about it?


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    Nice one thanks alot for sharing

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    Odd looking "About video description".

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