Founding an Impactful Nonprofit | Ep 20 Less Leg More Heart

One of the most inspirational leaders I’ve met, Tina Hurley uses her physical disability to encourage and comfort others with disabilities through her nonprofit, Less Leg More Heart. Sometimes, a major life change can be a scary matter, but Tina uses her platform to speak life and build relationship with others to show them they aren’t alone. Hear her life-changing and motivating story and learn how she was able to start a nonprofit to speak hope using her story.

Visit her nonprofit’s website at or check them out via social media @lesslegmoreheart to learn more, donate, or find ways to serve.

As always, a big shoutout and thank you to our location sponsor, The Trade Group. The Trade Group builds experiential booths for business to showcase their brand and their services during showcasing events. They have a fantastic facility in Carrollton, TX where you can visit their showroom and warehouse to see just how much incredible work they do. Make sure to check out their site at or @trade_group on social media.

Another shoutout and HUGE thank you to our director, Natasha Paris, award winning writer, director, and producer of several short films. Visit her site,

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