Eyelid Surgery – Restoration and Recovery


Eyelid surgery is a simple and effective way to look younger. People of all ages have difficulties with the skin around, above and under their eyes. No matter what age you are, if you have a lot of excess tissue, puffiness, fat deposits or discoloration around your eye, you will look older if you go untreated.Just as with any surgical procedure, it is important that you learn about the process of treatment before signing yourself up. The more you understand, the better suited you are as a patient to handle the recovery process. Finding a surgeon can also become easier when you are an informed patient.If you are one of the thousands of individuals that suffer from saggy eye tissue or discoloration, the surgical procedure involved in treating this area can seem like a simple solution. The most common form of the procedure is similar to liposuction. Because the under eye area is actually a small fat deposit, some volume of this tissue can be removed with pleasing results.Tissue can be removed from above your eye as well. Occasionally, your surgeon will want to address the above eye tissue with different procedures beyond fat removal. If you are interested in learning more about the procedures associated with the upper lid, talk to your doctor. Only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon is truly qualified to give advice on this matter.There are newer restorative procedures that approach the puffiness or sagginess of the eye’s skin in a different way. Instead of removing tissue from around the eye, the doctors actually add tissue to the area. When tissue is added, the surrounding area that has lost some of its youthful elasticity, regains its previous appearance. The area, in a sense, is evened out. Generally, the effect is similar to traditional eyelid surgery.Regardless of the kind of procedure you have done to your eyes to treat your tired or aged look, it is important to heed the warnings of your doctors. A good surgeon will fully explain the recovery process to you, as well as educate you on possible risks. Although eyelid surgery is an extremely simple procedure, it does have risks. About 1 in 30000 of the 150000 or so people that undergo the procedure experience blindness.If you are concerned about blindness as a possible side effect, talk with your doctor or surgeon. They can explain in reasonable terms whether or not you need to be concerned. Generally, those patients that go blind after the surgical procedure have other health problems that come into play. Issues like high blood pressure, for example, can be a factor.In the end, as experts allude to across the board, make sure you only trust a well-qualified specialist to perform your surgical procedure. Properly research your surgeon’s background and make sure they have a clean history.Eyelid surgery is an exciting way to treat the aging process. Adequately prepare for the procedure by educating yourself on the surgical process itself, the recovery and risks as well as the reputation of your future surgeon.

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