Dr. Amit Srivastava talks about Stroke – its signs, symptoms and treatments

Dr. Amit Srivastava talks about Stroke – its signs, symptoms and treatments

Given today’s sedentary lifestyle choices, lifestyle disorders are gaining ground, and stroke is one of the prominent ones. Let’s learn all about stroke, its causes, telltale signs, and symptoms to watch out for and the potential treatment measures.

Dr. Amit Srivastava – Senior Consultant of Neurology at Dharamshila, Narayana Superspecialty Hospital, Delhi – shares invaluable information about a stroke. He elaborates on its signs and symptoms, the risk factors involved, and its causes. He also talks about the diagnosis and treatment of stroke, followed by ways to prevent it.

Dr. Amit begins the video by explaining what a stroke is. He says that stroke is a condition wherein there is a sudden onset of neurological deficit. A stroke happens because of the blocking of blood vessels in the brain or rupturing of the brain’s blood vessels. Dr. Amit then elaborates on the symptoms of stroke, and a few of them are –

1. Sudden onset of weakness of one-half of the body
2. Sudden onset of slurring of speech
3. Language dysfunction
4. Sudden onset of weakness
5. Double vision
6. Difficulty in walking
7. Balance problem while walking

Dr. Amit asserts that the essential aspect of managing a brain stroke is to identify the symptoms and rush to the nearest stroke-ready hospital immediately. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. It’s a universal medical emergency wherein patients need to be rushed to the hospital immediately. Dr. Amit then explains about the Gold Period – a time of about 4.5 hours to manage stroke. These few hours are crucial for stroke management, and the patient’s relatives should not waste time. Dr. Amit further explains how to prevent stroke, which ranges from exercising, imbibing a healthy lifestyle, not indulging in addictive substances, managing hypertension, managing diabetes and heart conditions, and so forth. Dr. Amit concludes that the way to save a stroke patient is by intravenous medications and vascular procedure

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