Don’t Let A Stroke Sneak Up On You


There are many ways in which you can help to avoid a potential stroke but unfortunately many people fail to visit their doctor often, monitor their eating habits, and keep an eye on their blood sugar and blood pressure. Allowing your blood sugar or blood pressure to get too high can put you at a greater risk for a stroke.The main problem is that these health problems are those that quietly sneak up on people and if you visit the doctor annually for a health check-up then chances are you will be informed if these numbers are increasing. Unfortunately, many people feel healthy and forgo to their annual reviews and wait years before seeing a doctor and in doing so it puts them at greater risk of stroke, especially if they are overweight and aging.The signs of a stroke are clear and easy to identify in someone else. The issue is that since a stroke does not cause any pain it’s easy for the person having to over look the issue and may cause them to deny that there is anything wrong with them. Some of the largest signs to look for when trying to identify a stroke are slurring of speech and blurry or confused vision.For the most part a stroke is a one sided issue and as a result it generally results in one sided problems. One test that can be done on an individual to determine if they are possibly having a stroke is to ask them to stick their tongue straight out at you and if it veers to one side or the other then it is a stroke.Getting help for a person having a stroke is essential and should draw immediate medical attention to increase chances of making a full recovery. If you are in an area where you can call 911, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. Do not wait, it’s better to be fast and wrong, then wait to get care. As mentioned before the person may have a headache, but feel perfectly well, in which case they might try to dissuade you from helping them. Never mind. Call 911 or get the person to the emergency department of your local hospital as soon as possible. Time is essential when a person is having a stroke and only a matter of minutes can mean the difference between full recovery or a life full of disability.

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