Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Do you want a healthy heart? Learn more about Diet and Cardiovascular Disease and learn what to do to keep your heart healthy. Featuring Dr. Purvi Parwani, MBB, Assistant Professor of Cardiology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Director of Women’s CV Clinic, International Heart Institute.


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  2. Hendrik Ritsema on September 10, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    Cholesterol is in your entire circulatory system. Why is there clogging of the ARTERIES close to the heart and not in the veins or capillaries in your nose, ear or knee?
    This is because the pumping of the heart can cause hairline cracks. Blood pressure is highest in this area. These hairline cracks are repaired by a sticky substance LP(a), to prevent from getting worse.

    Why don’t animals have cardiovascular disease?
    Almost all animals produce large amounts of vitamin C in their liver.
    On average 35 mg/kg body weight. So we have to take at least about 3000 mg of vitamin C ourselves because humans cannot make vitamin C. You get strong collagen tissue, strong connective tissue, strong arteries. Hairline cracks no longer form and arterial plaque is removed and burned in the liver.

    Repair with cholesterol is therefore a consequence of a deficiency of vitamin C.
    So do not take statins, but vitamin C in a high dose: at least 3 grams, better: 6 to 10 grams
    Source: Cardiovascular disease and vitamin C (Dr. Rath Foundation)

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