Charity Work The Essence Of Finding Real Happiness

If you want to live long and happy, invest in people and what better
way to do it than through charity work. You have a great responsibility
of volunteering, which unfortunately many think is a choice. The reason
why volunteers are not paid is because they are priceless. There is no
better investment than in kindness and love. Money and other assets are
set to rot or lose value with time. In any case, what you store up for
yourself is shared with rodents.

The best exercise for your heart is in reaching down and lifting others up through charity work.
Acts of charity gives you pleasure and contentment in the fact that you
are able to help someone. One has not lived until he/she does something
to somebody worth remembering. The best investment is where you expect
no returns. That is the essence of love, it is selfless and
unconditional. There are two things that man must have in order to find
living worthwhile; and these are attitude and love.

No matter what situations might be, man must always remain calm
humble and positive. He should be aggressive in a calm and loving way.
One who does not appreciate the events of life finds no joy at all and
is thus unable to offer charity works to others; for how can you offer
love if you do not have any? Joy begins within a person as a result of
high esteem and optimism. One may expect to receive no affection and
kindness from others but if he is happy by himself, his affection will
surely be contagious.

Life satisfaction does not come from how much your bank account reads
but by how many lives you have touched. Those simple acts of charity
work that may seem insignificant can be what just another person needs
to have hope in life. Therefore, go out there are touch someone who is
in need of help.

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