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The MINI Clubman still fascinates with the qualities typical of the brand and the new possibilities it opens. At the wheel, the driver is filled with joy to drive and authentic purity distilled by any MINI.The open rear MINI gives a unique experience to discover the intrinsic values and a natural extrovert. The sensations associated with a typical MINI and comfort seating for passengers remarkably in a modular space and door adopting a unique concept, make the MINI Clubman recognizable. MINI undeniably, irresistibly is innovative. The unique character of the MINI Clubman is revealed in the first glance. Its roofline requires three amounts to be confused with a prominent rear. It stands out through the gates of safe novel (split door) with a frame of contrasting color that brings more than a touch light. The generous luggage compartment can be expanded in a modular fashion and with its rear doors, it loads very easily. In addition, the MINI Clubman welcomes five people (four adults and one child with a maximum weight of 49 kg). Compared with the MINI Hatch, the rear passengers benefit from increased legroom of more than 8 inches. Access to the rear seats is facilitated by an extra door articulated at the back on the right side of the car. Because of its versatility, the MINI Clubman is an interpretation of traditional concepts of shooting break, characterized by a smooth back and slender stressing sportsmanship as much as functionality.The 1.4-liter four-cylinder fitted to the new BMW Mini Clubman is derived from the 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine of the MINI Cooper and has the same technical refinements. The deployment of power and efficiency of this engine are mainly conditioned by fully variable control of valve lift, which was developed on the basis of the absolutely unique Valvetronic of BMW. The four-cylinder engine of the MINI Clubman reaches a power of 98 hp. Its maximum torque is 153 Newton-meter. This engine enables the latest MINI Clubman display very satisfactory performance and a fuel consumption and emission rates copies. It needs only 11.1 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km / h. With a combined European cycle, its average consumption is 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers.The owner of the MINI Clubman can also call the interior of his car just as he pleases. Four interior colors and the option proposed five Colour Line variants can be combined with each other. As an alternative to their seats in the basic version, all models can acquire seats dressed in a combination cloth / leather or leather upholstery, available in different variations and colors. The range of trim highlights the natural high end of the MINI Clubman with great taste, for example in version optional fine wood or piano black oak. The MINI Clubman is unique – but that’s precisely what makes it a member of the MINI family. For the proposed range, the result parallels with the classic Mini which also support for some variant of the models with completely new qualities. With this range of qualities, the MINI Clubman has a bright future.

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