Best places to hike | Phoenix Arizona | Hiking in Phoenix Az | Travel to Arizona | AWNTEL

Best places to hike | Phoenix Arizona | Hiking in Phoenix Az | Travel to Arizona | AWNTEL

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The Phoenix Mountains Preserve | Phoenix Arizona | Hiking in Phoenix Az | AWNTEL fun

Chantell and I LOVE to go hiking, and the mountains are such a beautiful place to exercise and soak in its majestic scenery.

The Phoenix Mountains Preserve is a group of parks located among the Phoenix Mountains in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area, the first of these parks to be preserved, has been designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride.

The parks and peaks that make up the Preserve are surrounded by civilization, but feel as remote as the Sonoran Desert outside the city. Located in the heart of Central Phoenix and just 20 minutes from downtown, the preserve offers hiking, biking, and views from prominent summits such as Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain.

There are a ton of mountains to hike in Arizona, and Phoenix has so many places for such recreational activities.

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