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  1. Yashwanth Ravula on September 9, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    My father (55) died because of basilar artery occlusion, cerebellar infarct. If anybody is interested to study this case I will provide you the reports. The doctors who treated him couldn’t tell the cause of the stroke. I hope that someone will help us in knowing the cause.
    He woke up at 1: 40 am and complained of dizziness and he couldn’t stand on his own, he talked for around 15 minutes and went completely unconscious after that. We shifted him to the hospital within 20 minutes. The local doctors suggested us to shift him to a big hospital which is a three-hour journey. We shifted him to a big hospital by 5: 50 am. Those doctors did an MRI scan and told us that cerebellum is damaged. We kept him on a ventilator for 1 day and he died after that.

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