A Look At Some Top Adult Hospitals


When you are ill you want the best care possible, and oftentimes people may settle for the local hospital or medical center. However how is a hospital ranked what determines the “best” or the top hospitals?  Hospitals are ranked according to multiple factors including their reputation among physicians, level of nursing staffing, patient safety, and many other factors.US News and World Report has released their 200-2010 report of the top hospitals in the US and what follows is what they have determined the best all round hospitals in the US.The report ranked hospitals by specialties but also has an honor roll where a hospital ranks in six or more specialties. What follows are the honored in this group with excel in multiple fields.John Hopkins Medical Center ranked #1 on the honor roll and this hospital is the birthplace of many of our medical specialties and certain traditions in training physicians. John Hopkins Hospital is a teaching hospital as well as a research center and the tradition of physician training known as the residency as well as patient “rounds” were born at John Hopkins.The Mayo Clinic pulled #2 ranks and it is an internationally known hospital. They are one of the models for hospitals able to provide quality medical care at a reasonable cost. Doctors at the prestigious Mayo Clinic are paid on a salary basis and more attention is paid to patient care than to patient volume and this is believed to promote more quality care. Their salaries are based upon the average salaries of physicians in group practices.Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was ranked as #3 in the top adult hospitals. This hospital has a research center, which covers nearly all fields in medicine and includes a dentistry and ophthalmology branch. This is also a teaching hospital and serves the greater Los Angeles area and has had many notable patients such as Britney Spears and Maria Shriver.The Cleveland Clinic is ranked at #4 of the top adult hospitals in the US. The Cleveland clinic is renowned for their Cardiac care center and in fact, achieved #1 ranking for a cardiovascular care. The Cleveland Clinic also is a group practice, which has salaried physicians whose income is unconnected to the number of patients seen, and this is believed to promote the quality of care of patients as well as reduce the cost of health care.Massachusetts General Hospital ranked as #5 in the top adult hospitals. In 1864, a demonstration of either was given and ether was proved to render a patient insensible to pain beginning the modern era of anesthesia. Massachusetts General Hospital is the oldest hospital in the US founded in 1811.  Hospitals are more than just a collection of equipment or of doctors; they are comprised of the staff, the technology, and the model that the hospital follows in treating patients. These top adult hospitals do not necessarily follow the usual models but have proven the most effective in patient treatment in all areas.

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