6 Things You Can Do to Stay Away From a Stroke

What is a stroke?

A stroke also called as acute cerebrovascular attack. This happens due to the irregularity in the blood supply to the brain thereby resulting in the loss of the functions that are performed by the brain.

Some of the things that you can do to stay away from stroke are:

1. Taking care of your blood pressure:

High blood pressure is one of the major factors that lead to stroke. Since there are no symptoms of high blood pressure, a person may never be able to detect it. Unfortunately, stroke is the first symptom.

You might feel healthy and may have an active lifestyle, but you must always periodically find out if you suffer from this dangerous condition.

For this, you must make a visit to your doctor regularly or you can even go to a nearby pharmacy to get your blood pressure monitored. If the systolic reading is more than 135, or diastolic more than 90, you must always visit your physician to be treated for high blood pressure.

Regular medication and a little change in the lifestyle will definitely help to lower your blood pressure.

2. You must take care of your blood sugar level:

High levels of sugar in the blood can lead to diabetes. Similar to high blood pressure, even diabetes does not produce any obvious symptoms. The symptoms appear only when the levels of sugar go soaring up and diabetes reaches its advanced stage.

You must get a periodic check up of your blood sugar level. This becomes very important if you have a history of your family members being diabetic or if you are over weight. To determine your ideal weight, you must find out your Body Mass Index, so that you know if you are obese.

3. You must quit smoking:

Smoking is a very unhealthy habit. It not only affects you adversely but it affects all the people around you through passive smoking. People who have a history of family members being prone to stroke, or high blood cholesterol, or high blood pressure must quit smoking to lower the risk of a stroke.

Following are few tips to assist quit smoking:

1- Start preparing yourself first.

2- Lower the intake of the amount of nicotine.

3- Separate yourself from the friends who smoke, spend time with your family and concentrate on being healthy.

4. You must exercise regularly:

Obesity increases the risk of a stroke. Shedding your extra weight is a brilliant way to decrease the risk of getting a stroke. Even walking for about half an hour daily helps to lose weight.

5. You must know about your cholesterol level:

(LDL) Low Density Lipoprotein is the bad cholesterol and the primary producer of a stroke. Your chances of high LDL levels increase if:

– You have a heart ailment.

– You are above 45 years of age.

– You have low High Density Cholesterol (HDL)

– You smoke.

6. You must eat a healthy diet:

The most efficient away of keeping any ailment away is perhaps a healthy diet. A healthy diet will guard you against diabetes, high blood pressureFeature Articles, high cholesterol level or obesity.

Here are a few tips:

– You must have small portions of meals.

– You must take salt in moderation.

– You must say “no” to junk food.

– You must drink in moderation.

To Your Health!

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