4 Diet Tips For A Healthy Heart

4 Diet Tips For A Healthy Heart

Over three decades of research has looked into our food and its relationship with heart disease. Here are the top four things that we have learned (timestamps):

0:32 Omega 3 Fatty Acids and the heart

Omega 3s have been found to have benefits for heart health although there is some debate exactly how much benefit there is. Early studies indicated large benefits, but more recent studies have suggested much smaller benefits.

Fish derived Omega 3s such as EPA and DHA have been most extensively tested in clinical trials. Plants do have Omega 3 in the form of ALA, however this form has not been studied as extensively as fish derived Omega 3s.

2:30 Reduce Trans Fats

Research has shown that different fats have different effects on our body.

The aim of a heart friendly diet isn’t to remove all fat from the diet. A more balanced strategy towards dietary fats is to limit saturated fat and trans fats, while increasing Omega 3s and unsaturated fats from nuts, legumes and plants.

Trans fats have been shown to be associated with significantly higher rates of heart disease. As a response, there has been a global effort to reduce the amount of Trans fats in commercially manufactured food.

4:08 Increase Fiber

A higher level of dietary fiber has been linked with lower rates of heart disease. A simple trick is to incorporate more whole grains in your diet.

4:37 Increase Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat, contain dietary fiber and have many important nutrients.

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    April 29, 2020. New Zealand allows fast food outlets to trade again. Huge lines of cars seen at all outlets. Proof that junk food is addictive and a root cause of poor heath outcomes in this country. Videos like yours remind us of the importance of choosing better food options. Most fresh veges and fruit cost a lot less than a dose of fast food. Food for thought.

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    To avoid stroke do not eat Norwegian farmed salmon, find some other source for Omega 3. Norwegian farmed salmon is the most toxic food in the world. It increases the risk for miscarriages, cancer and strokes. https://youtu.be/RYYf8cLUV5E

  8. DocUnlock on December 16, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    UPDATE: Yesterday the findings of another large randomised trial was released that showed that the protection from Omega 3s may be smaller than previously thought: 25 871 participants (men 50 years or older and women 55 years or older) were randomised to receive either a fish oil capsule (1g of fish oil containing 460mg EPA + 380mg DHA = 840mg total EPA and DHA) or placebo.

    After following the participants for a median of 5.3 years, the risk of heart disease was 8% percent less in the Omega 3 group when compared to the placebo group. However when statistical uncertainty is taken into account, it is possible that there is no benefit at all from Omega 3s.

    This is further evidence that while Omega 3s probably have less benefit than in older studies, there may still be a small benefit. Since there are no harms or side effects from consuming Omega 3s, it is still a good idea to include them in your diet.

    Full article: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1811403

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    For those of you who use Margarines, there can be quite a lot of variation in the Trans Fat content depending on the manufacturer. For example, in Australia, Margarine manufacturers have voluntarily reduced trans fat levels to earn the Heart Foundation Tick. As a result, margarines in Australia tend to have less Trans Fat than butter.

    So if you do use margarines, check the label to see how much Trans Fat is in the one that you use.

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