2017 Stroke Awareness week – DXC Wollongong

2017 Stroke Awareness week – DXC Wollongong

Anista Employee Benefits is proud to be contributing to this years National Stroke Foundation fundraising event at DXC Wollongong.

To help raise both awareness and funds, Anista Employee Benefits will be sponsoring Onsite Racing Simulation where employees can sit in a Racing Simulator to post the fastest time (x1 lap) around Mount Panorama, Bathurst, ONE HANDED !

Yes, one handed. Why… because many Stroke victim loss the use of one side of their body. So for a few laps around the mount, we may empathise and be proactive in having regular checkups and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

A huge thank you goes out to Trevor Hardie and Tess for championing this event at DXC Wollongong.

For more information about Strokes, go to https://strokefoundation.org.au/

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